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Honda Jazz

Jazzy Little Jazz

This little Honda Jazz was fitted with mechanical push pat hand controls mounted to right side of steering column. Billet adaptations were made for both the headlight and wiper switches and also the heater controls to simplify their operation.

A custom foot plate for left side of brake pedal and modification for fold up accelerator pedal were also required to maximise available leg room.

We also manufactured a billet gear knob to change the operation of the gear shifter to push down. Small pacers were installed to the sun-visors to assist with operation. The car was lowered 50mm and the right side of the drivers seat cushion was de-bolstered to make for an easier transfer.

  • The windows were tinted, a key paddle was fabricated
  • Soften operation of exterior door handle so Hillary is able to open the door
  • De bolster right side of seat cushion for easier transfer and lower seat height handle
  • Fabricate custom control knobs for heater controls, headlight switch and rear wiper to enable Hillary to engage her finger to operate
  • Fabricate extension knobs for window switches on left and right sides
  • Fabricate key extension
  • Tint windows with darkest legal tint



  • Mechanical push pat hand controls
  • Flip up accelerator with left foot plate
  • Assorted custom made billet aluminum adaptations
  • Modified seat and suspension
  • Fabricated key extension