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Braun Ability Chair Topper

Developed to assist wheelchair users who can.
transfer, the Chair Topper automatically folds and stores a conventional folding wheelchair inside a weather-resistant car-top compartment.
The smooth operation ensures your chair is carefully handled and transported without damage or wear and tear. A convenient hand-held control operates the folding, lifting, and storing of your wheelchair. Due to its horizontal operation, the Chair Topper may be operated in-home or public parking garages, with a minimum amount of space required beside the vehicle – a great feature for tight parking situations.
Quick facts:
• Complete operation takes only 30 seconds.
• Stores and folds automatically most conventionally folding wheelchair inside a watertight plastic cover that mounts to the top of most vehicles.
• Single rocker switch located in a user-friendly hand-held control operates the lifting, folding, and storing.
• Available in driver- and passenger-side models.
• Adds only circa 55 cm in height to vehicle, depending on the roof rack.
• Lifting capacity is 20 kg.
• Manual release located inside an easily accessible door.
• Powder-coated aluminium frame construction with a fully enclosed (top and bottom) plastic shell.
• EMC test approved and CE-marked