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Paravan 6 Way Seat Base

The PARAVAN 6-way Powered Transfer Seat makes for simple and fast transferring from your wheelchair to the driver’s or passenger’s seat of your vehicle and is ideal for use in vans converted for Transfer Self Drive.
This transfer seat base moves backwards out of the front row via a free-floating rail system and turns 180 degrees to the left or right to allow for easy transfers inside a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
In addition to its large angle of rotation, it is also height-adjustable.

The PARAVAN Powered Transfer Seat Base is specially designed to fit in most Full-Size vans and to be compatible with most seats to allow you maximum comfort in your driving experience. Your current driver’s seat is most
likely compatible with the PARAVAN Powered Transfer Seat Base.

More space and a tidy finish
Powered seat bases typically have external tracking that takes up valuable space in the vehicle and get in the way when you are maneuvering your wheelchair.

The unique telescopic tracking for the PARAVAN powered seat base cassettes under the driver’s seat for a neat and tidy finish.

The safest powered seat base on the market
Other powered seat bases will not operate if there is a power failure, meaning that you won’t be able to transfer back to your wheelchair and exit the vehicle. Imagine that on a hot day!

By simply pulling a knob, the new PARAVAN powered seat base can be released so that it can be moved manually, even if there is no power. The driver can then exit the vehicle without a struggle.
It is amazing that powered seat bases have not had this crucial feature until now.

PARAVAN Powered Transfer Seat Base Advantages:
Emergency release to allow the driver to exit the vehicle in event of power failure
Unique Free-floating rail system saves space in the vehicle. There are no rails to get in the way at the rear of the vehicle so you can move freely with your wheelchair throughout the interior.
Successful crash testing to ECE-R 17 and 74/408/EEC
Fingertip Control with either switch on the seat assembly, a wired control unit or a wireless remote control
Fits Most Full-Size Vans
Compatible with your original car seats, or fit a superior Paravan ergonomic seat
Top production/product quality “Made in Germany”
6 directions of movement (forwards/backwards, up/down, rotating in/out)
Electrically operated
Integrated footrest available