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Bruno Curbsider

Available for a wide range of vehicles, a compact design, and a great solution for lifting and transporting scooters or powerchairs inside a vehicle using a hoist.
The Curbsider is one of the most popular means of lifting and transporting your mobility device inside a vehicle using a hoist.
Stand near the bumper or curb, connect the docking device, push a button and the Curb-side lifts and stores a mobility device inside your vehicle with a lifting capacity of up to 181kgs.
The VSL-6900 comes with a telescopic head, that can be powered in and out. However, the VSL-6000 model does not come with the telescopic option, but it has the ability to be installed externally, such as on a Ute tray.
The Curb-side provides you with the independence the user deserves when travelling to and from any destination.
The key features of the Curb-sider include:
• Powerlifting, lowering, rotating for effortless operation
• Telescopic version provides additional extension to clear bumpers and load wide mobility devices in smaller openings (VSL-9000)
• Potential to re-install on another suitable vehicle
• Suitable for Hatchbacks, Minivans, Pick-up Trucks, SUV’s and full-size vans
• Lifting capacity of up to 181kgs
The user requirements include:
• Ability to walk from front to rear of vehicle and vice versa
• Stand for 2-3 minutes
• Adequate balance, hand dexterity and strength to attach the docking device, including bending over
• Operate buttons on hand-held control while gently guiding mobility device into the vehicle
Optional extras include:
• Driver side replacement
• Back-off (easily removes back of mobility device to fit into shorter vehicle openings)
• Exterior control pendant (VSL-6000)