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Getting Seated

Independence Automotive provides a wide range of Vehicle access solutions to get you in the vehicle as a driver or passenger .

We offer a broad range of vehicle access solutions from a wide range of manufactures. Through consultation with yourself and your therapist, we will help you with the decision of what will both suit you and your vehicle.

When assessing vehicles for a transfer or access solution we focus on the following items:

  • What space do we have in the vehicle and how is the modification or adaption going to effect the operation of any factory fitted components.
  • How difficult is the transfer and is it practical long term.
  • What steps can be taken to retain vehicle safety features like seat side airbags.

Every client goes through an extensive fitment process so we can be sure we have all the measurements we need to make sure we can plan the installation to make the use of the equipment as effortless as possible.

In many cases Independence Automotive can adapt or modify commercially available equipment o transfer in and out of the vehicle.

Be sure to check out our completed mobility vehicles page and if you would like any more information on what we do, please feel free to give us a call.