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The Turnout is a swivel base that enables you to swivel the seat of the vehicle so that you are facing outside making it easier to transfer in and out. It is recommended to be used with one of our
low-profile seats so that you can optimise the head and knee room when inside the vehicle.
Options for the Turnout include the Caro slide and Tilda, which can be used to further increase the swivelling room available in the vehicle.
Both options have a manual or electric version is available. The Turnout can also be used in combination with the Carony transfer wheelchair system.
The key features of the Turnout include:
• Manual or electric versions available
• 2 or 4 door models to optimise swivel space.
• Left or Right-side applications
• Can be combined with the Caro slide to increase legroom.
• Can be combined with the Tilda to increase knee and headroom.
• Can be combined with Carony to eliminate any lifting during the transfer.
• Crash tested and CE marked.