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Bruno Outsider

Bruno’s most popular exterior platform lift, the Out-Sider maintains
all your vehicle’s seating and cargo space. If you change mobility
devices in the future, the Out-Sider can be easily adapted to your
new needs. It can also be transferred to another applicable vehicle.
Add the “Swing-Away” option to access your cargo area. Available for
nearly every type of vehicle.

Bruno’s Out-Sider Keeps All Your Seating And Cargo Space

• Fully-powered, single-button operation
• Automatic folding platform when not in use
• No scooter or powerchair modifications
• Low profile design for rear view mirror visibility
• Securement device locks mobility device in place
• Safety latch to prevent unintentional lift lowering
• Manual backup for peace of mind
• Adjustable license plate holder
• Eligible for auto manufacturer potential rebates*
• 3-year limited warranty