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Turny Evo Australia

The Turny Evo brings the seat completely out of the vehicle giving the driver complete control and ample transfer space to get seated in a comfortable driving position. Once seated and comfortable, the Turny Evo will then lift the driver to a safe, comfortable position inside the vehicle and in the perfect position to drive the vehicle.

It is recommended to be used with one of our low-profile seats, so that you can optimise the head and knee room when inside the vehicle.
The Turny Evo is a fully automatic, programmable swivel seat where all movements are operated by the handheld remote. This unique programmable function means that you can set the parameters of the swivelling function to optimise the amount of room generated in the vehicle, and also allows it to be installed into the driver’s seating position of many vehicles.

The Turny Evo can also be used in combination with the Carony transfer wheelchair system.

Key features of the Turny Evo include:

Features 390mm of vertical travel
• Programmable movement path
• Full backrest adjustability
• Powered forwards and backwards movement once inside the vehicle
• Left or Right-side applications
• Easy to use back-up and emergency operations.
• Inbuilt footrest for easier transfer
• Can be combined with the Tilda to increase knee and head room.
• Can be combined with Carony to eliminate any lifting during the transfer.
• Crash tested and CE marked.

In most instances we can modify the original seat to fit retaining the safety of the side airbag!