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Left Foot Accelerator

The Left-Foot Accelerator is a simple and yet effective modification that allows people with restricted use of their right leg to operate the accelerator and brake with the left leg. This modification involves
the installation of a second accelerator pedal in the vehicle to the left the side of the brake pedal.
There are different types of left foot accelerators;

Quick Release Left Foot Accelerator is designed for vehicle with floor mounted or organ style accelerator pedals. With a smooth application of throttle and a handy quick-release mechanism.
The right-hand pedal guard doubles as a comfortable footrest so that you can drive with your right leg extended.

Electronic Left Foot Accelerator is a universal electronic left foot accelerator that uses the latest technology to replicate the signal from the electronic accelerator pedal fitted most late-model vehicles.
This product features its own dedicated control unit which is a link with the factory ECU in your vehicle. Its compact design allows for flexible mounting options either on the floor or firewall of your vehicle the electronic left foot accelerator pedal can be simply turned on and off when requiring with a flick of a switch mounted on your vehicle dashboard. This also disables the signal from the original accelerator pedal to prevent the accidental application of the throttle.