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Dual Controls

Dual Controls are an additional set of driving controls so that the primary functions of the vehicle such as the Brake, Accelerator and Clutch can be controlled by the person in the front passenger seating position.
They are used to assist Driving Instructors while teaching new and learner drivers how to drive.

The Dual Controls are a back-up safety function so that in case of an emergency the Driving Instructor can take control of the brake, accelerator or clutch in the vehicle to reduce the
chances of the vehicle being in a dangerous situation.

These Dual Controls are cable operated where all the components of the system are kept on the inside of the vehicle. This reduces the wear and tear and also makes it easier to service and inspect the components of the system.

They come in 4 different combinations consisting of either:

Brake only
Brake and Accelerator
Brake and Clutch
Brake, Clutch and Accelerator
Key features of the Dual Controls include:

Available for Cars, Vans and Trucks
Quick-release pedals for easy storage
Universal design to suit any type of vehicle
Electric beeper version available to suit various state requirements
This product complies with the Australian Standards
Accessories such as blind spot and rear view mirrors available