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Veigel eClassic

“Power-Safety-Control all in your hand”
Familiar face – new state of the art design and functionality- with the maximum driving pleasure. The e- Classic is much easier to use thanks to its cutting edge electronic acceleration which allows to
you experience your vehicle in a completely new way.
Product details
Braking and accelerating can be easily controlled with only the use of your hand. The ergonomic shape of the handle allows for fatigue-free driving. Its sleek and attractive design allows for more
legroom and fits perfectly the your vehicle’s interior
-Easier to use – experience cutting edge electronic acceleration without delay.
-Twist – Push principle.
-Effortless and fatigue-free acceleration and braking.
-Sleek design for more legroom and space in the footwell.
-Ergonomic grip.
-Grip angle can be individually adjusted.
-Can be deinstalled without leaving marks on your vehicle.
-Fits every vehicle.
-High quality, high-low-temperature resistant materials.
-Veigel Quality: 100% Made in Germany