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Guidosimplex E Radial

The E-Radial hand control is operated with a push for brake and a smooth radial action (downward push) for acceleration. Interfacing with your vehicle electronic throttle system,
the E-Radial features absolute minimal effort acceleration making it a pleasure to drive and a good evolution for drivers use to mechanical style hand control.
This can be ideal for those who find accelerating with a mechanical system fatiguing or for those who simply went a lower-effort, smoother acceleratory response.
Cleaver design translates into effortless driving.
The system operates via a dedicated CPU that directly interfaces with vehicle’s existing drive-by-wire accelerator system. For the user, this translates into very smooth, progressive acceleration
and non-tiring operation. For these reasons, the Electronic Radial Hand Control can assist particularly when driving for an extended duration. The system also features an automatic accelerator cut-out
safely feature for instances when the brake and accelerator are applied together. Depending on different driving techniques, this feature is optional.
Thanks to the compact size of the E-Radial Accelerator, this unobtrusive system allows for easy entry and exit from vehicle. It can also be used in vehicle where space limitations
make it impossible to fit mechanical radial hand control. These hand control have been designed to fit and operate in any vehicle including those with Knee Airbags.
• Smooth acceleration
• Familiar driving technique, like mechanical radials control
• Low effort and lowest fatigue electronic accelerator
• Can be fitted to a wide range of vehicle
• Interchangeable from vehicle to vehicle
• Keen Airbag compatible system