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Guidosimplex Accelerator Ring

The Electronic Drive-by-wire Accelerator Ring is an advanced hand control driving adaption. It offers effortless, controlled acceleration, with the advantage of a natural driving position
to achieve one of the most satisfying driving experiences available.
Popular with driving enthusiast both hands remain on the wheel meaning greater control of the vehicle and access to original accessories such as indicator, wipers, headlight, gear shifting and climate control.
Acceleration is achieved by simply applying pressure at any point of the ring. Two models are available with different methods of operation that appeal to a wide range of users. T
The under-ring model is positioned underneath the steering wheel with acceleration achieved by simply pulling the ring towards the wheel with the finger.
The over ring model is positioned over the steering wheel and is operated by pushing the ring towards it.
Breaking operates by a custom Independence automotive push handle situated behind and to the side of the steering wheel. In the event of the accelerator and brake being operated at the same time,
a security system automatically cancels the acceleration.
• Non- invasive
• Simple operation
• Two hand grips on wheel
• Vehicle can be driven conventionally
• Comfortable and responsive
• Can be fitted to a wide range of the vehicle.
• Knee Airbag compatible system