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Bever Smartsteer

The SmartSteer steering unit enables you to operate vehicle functions such as windscreen wipers, indicator, and lighting etc. easily and safely while at the same time keeping control of the steering wheel.


The SmartSteer set consists of: SmartSteer unit, SmartControl, various cable trees, receiver and a steering wheel adapter. SmartSteer works in combination with the SmartControl controller box connected to the vehicle.
For almost all vehicle makes and models a solution is available or can be made whether it is has a CAN Bus, other Multiplex or conventional electronics to operate the secondary controls of the vehicle.

The CAN-Bus version is connected directly to the comfort CAN-Bus of the vehicle and enables alternative operation of the secondary functions, such as wipers, lighting, directional indicators etc.
Time-consuming modifications such as disassembling the steering column and soldering electronics are things of the past. The SmartControl sends CAN messages directly tot the vehicle to operate the various functions.

Comfort and safety

SmartSteer has been developed so that it is possible to operate the functions whatever position the steering wheel is in. The function keys can be operated easily with minimal effort.
The ergonomic design provides good grip and support and allows both active operation and use in a comfortable position. Driving becomes more comfortable and more pleasant.
The SmartSteer is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed drivers. The function keys on the display are illuminated, which makes it easier to operate the SmartSteer in the dark.
If the SmartSteer is no longer needed, it can be easily removed by means of a quick-release button and the original controls can be used again.

SmartSteer is approved in accordance with the guidelines from Automotive EMC (95/54/EG, ISO 7638).