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Skoda Octavia RS

Electronic Hand Controls with CAN Interface Bleeper System

This 2017 Skoda Octavia RS has been fitted with Guidosimplex electronic radial hand controls mounted right side (push to brake).

A custom handle was manufactured for the e-radial with bump switch to enable control of the Lodgesons CAN interface bleeper system adapted to indicators high low beam, horn, wipers. A tri-pin steering aid was installed to the steering wheel.

Leg room was a must so we fabricated a custom foot plate for left side of brake pedal and modified accelerator pedal to fold up.

A custom gear level shift device was manufactured to assist with the operation of the shift release button.

Vehicle protection was very important, we installed clear paint protection film to both right hand doors, drivers sill and rear bumper. We also manufactured covers for the left hand front seat, center console lid and drives sill to prevent damage when loading and unloading wheelchair.


  • Electronic radial hand controls
  • Lodgesons CAN interface bleeper system
  • Flip up accelerator pedal
  • Custom foot plate
  • Tri-pin steering aid
  • Passenger seat protection, console and door trim protection
  • Sill protection

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