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Mazda BT50 GT

A Well-Equipped Vehicle Designed To Go Anywhere

This vehicle was a fantastic challenge, and the end result speaks for itself. This truck will go wherever it is taken!

The vehicle was fitted Veigel Push pull hand control with a 5-way switch we integrated to replicate the functions of the left steering column stalk. We also fabricated a custom tunnel mount to make sure we got the control in the clients desired position.

We then installed electric tip up plates to the left and right hand front seating positions, there was limited space between the B pillar and the seat. We worked around the challenges and fabricated some custom mounts for the lifts and also upgraded the motors to increase the weight carrying capacity.

The vehicle then received its modifications on the rear, the factory tub was removed and we installed a Bronco steel ute tray. This provided a great base for the instillation of the Healy Quicklift crane with remote winch we fabricated some custom brackets, mounted all the hydraulic controls to the headboard and wired in a second battery with management system on to the tray to run the crane setup.

We also installed a camera monitoring system that is affixed to both the ute cargo area and on the crane boom itself, these additional cameras were integrated into the factory touch screen so the winch and the crane could be operated safely from the drivers seat by switching between camera views.

At the clients request we also fitted all the aftermarket accessories he sourced for his vehicle including:

  • Bullbar and winch
  • Snorkel
  • Lift kit
  • Rock sliders
  • Long range fuel tank
  • Aftermarket wheels and tyres



  • Veigel push pull hand control with integrated switch for wiper and washer operation
  • Electric tip up plates to left hand and right hand front seating positions with upgraded motors
  • Bronco steel tray
  • Quick lift crane installed to tray with remote hydraulic and winch operation
  • Camera monitoring system for crane integrated to factory head unit
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