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KIVI CT12 Gas Slider

The slider hand control CT12 makes the acceleration and the brake controls manual by transferring them from the pedals to the wheel. It can be installed in cars with automatic gear and power-assisted steering.
The hand control represents a driving solution for drivers with partial or complete lack of functionality to lower limbs and possibly one or both upper limbs.

CT12 is placed parallel to the steering column, on the right or on the left, depending on the driver’s needs; its placement doesn’t obstruct the airbag opening, keeps all the steering wheel regulations and doesn’t alter the view on the dashboard for those who do not use it. The mechanical parts of the device are placed outside the dashboard: in order for them not to be in the way when entering and exiting the car or loading the wheelchair,
they’re fixed as close as possible to the lower side of the dashboard.

The hand control has a double function: by pushing the lever toward the dashboard it brakes, while by moving the slider on the handle with the thumb it accelerates.

The hand control is available both by interface and with the motor. In the version by an interface, which can be installed in most cars with an electronic gas pedal, acceleration with the original pedal can be restored at
any moment by a switch placed in a comfortable position for the driver, while in the version with motor the gas pedal remains always active.
In both versions, the hand control is equipped with a safety system that annuls the acceleration in case of braking. This system does not activate in case of uphill starts or delicate maneuvers such as parking.

Buttons for auxiliary functions (such as indicators, lights and wipers) can be integrated into the handle, provided that the driver does not prefer to have them grouped in one transmitter on the wheel or displaced in a
different way inside the car compartment, depending on the prescription on the driver’s licence. However, horn and hill holder buttons are already integrated into the handle and they can be operated by the same hand using the hand control. To engage the hill holder, just exert pressure on the lever and press the respective button. To disengage it, just press the lever a bit further down and let go. By pushing the hill holder button when the hand control is in the rest position, you activate the “economizer”: when the device is activated, the power of the car is reduced, which makes it easier to park and to drive in traffic.