Isuzu D Max

Another custom mobility build with a custom set of requirements, this client wanted the flexibility of being able to go caravanning and also go camping in the bush. In the cabin we fitted Turney Evo seat base to the right-hand position utilising the factory seat and retaining the safety feature of the side airbag.

 We installed a Fadiel trigger accelerator and brake bar, with alpine aftermarket GPS with camera integration to enable viewing operation of the crane and loading platform in the bed. 

The obvious inclusions to the exterior of the vehicle are the custom bronco you tray, the full hydraulic Linsall crane with worn winch. We also included electronic microswitches to the crane controls to enable even safer operation. Floodlights and cameras were also integrated into the crane and cargo area to enable loading at any time of the day. All hydraulics are neatly packed into a compartment on the right rear with additional manual crane controls and which controls in case of a remote failure. To feed all the extra accessories we installed a red Arc dual battery management system and an additional two deep cycle batteries under the you tray tucked away. All in all a great touring vehicle.


  • Fadiel trigger accelerator
  • Alpine head  unit with factory fascia and video integration
  • Turney seat base
  • Bronco you tray
  • Lindsall hoist with warn winch and remote operation
  • Read arc dual battery management system
  • Floodlighting and cameras on crane and cargo area