Vehicle Adaptions and Assistive Technology


Independence Automotive provides a wide range of Vehicle Hand Control and vehicle adaption Solutions.

We offer a full range of Vehicle hand controls and assistive technology from a wide range of manufactures. Through consultation with yourself and your therapist, we will help you with the decision of what will both suit you and your vehicle.

When assessing vehicles for Hand Controls and Assistive Technology we focus on the following items

  • Which hand control is going to suit the client on a case by case basis
  • How can we install the controls to maintain steering column adjustment
  • What steps can be taken to retain knee Airbag
  • How can we mount the control to give the client the maximum amount of leg room
  • How can the control be mounted to provide the most amount of space while transferring

Every client goes through an extensive fitment process so we can be sure we have all the measurements we need to make sure we can place adaptions in the most suitable position to make sure the driving experience is as effortless as possible.

In many cases Independence Automotive can manufacture custom components to enable use of a wide range of controls in your vehicle, we can also assist with a range of options to help you to transfer in and out of the vehicle.

Be sure to check out our completed vehicles page, and if you would like any more information on what we do, please feel free to give us a call


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Hillary Ash Testimonial


I’m an experienced driver with quadriplegia, and for over 30 years I’ve had several cars adapted for my use.

Ryan’s work on my new Honda has been by far the best of them all. He listened carefully and came up with a classy and efficient set of adaptations which are a pleasure to look at and easy to use. He has furthermore been unfailingly flexible, courteous and patient, making time to ensure each adaptation worked well for me. Five star recommendation!


Hillary Ash - Melbourne, Victoria

Shane Testimonial

I had Ryan at Independence Automotive adapt my Skoda Octavia RS. I was unsure and a bit hesitant on how modifications were going to be adapted for the button on the gear shift and with the e-radial hand controls. He exceeded my expectations. The lever mechanism for the gear lever works well and he went the extra step for relocating the electric tailgate button to a place I could reach, better than factory standard.

Shane - Melbourne, Victoria

Rhys Grey Testimonial

Hi Ryan

Thank you for the extensive modifications to my Mazda BT50.

The vehicle works great and dealing with your team of technicians and yourself  has been very easy, and you have welcomed my ideas of additional modifications.  Your quality of work is excellent and I am very happy with the end result. With the aid of the side lifts, crane and hand controls, I am very independent.


The modifications have made my day to day life much easier, and allows me to return to the things that my family and I  love to do, whether it’s going for a drive or to our favourite camping spots, this is now possible.



Rhys Grey - Sale, Victoria